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The Barlow Centre
Harbour Road|St. Michael

Weekdays 8:00am - 4:30pm

Directmail Plus Division

Dynamic Colour’s direct mail services have been utilized by many companies with in the retail, finance, educational and tourism sectors, to provide customised communication pieces to thousands of customers. Dynamic Colour partners with organizations from conceptualization to completion to ensure measurable results.

iTechnology Division

Many forward thinking companies are using their customer data to create simple mail merge pieces. Dynamic Colour’s itechnology division employs data mining techniques to attain pertinent customer information that is then leveraged to create powerful, databased-driven, customised, marketing communications. itechnology currently manages a 200,000+ database of working class individuals in Barbados. This data is at the disposal of our customers.

Marketing Division

Attracting new customers is just as important as retaining them...
Dynamic Colour’s marketing division partners with organizations to conceptualise and
execute programs tailored to a specific audience, targeting each individual with unique
messages with relevant text and graphic applications.

Printcom Division

Dynamic Colour’s printcom division is responsible for producing such projects as the 600 page, full colour I.C.C. Bid Response Book that won Barbados the privilege of hosting the finals of the I.C.C. World Cup 2007.

Printcom division also printed and produced packaging for two other territories bid response books. The utilization of our short run and on-demand capability were critical to achieving this.

In December 2006 Dynamic Colour was commissioned to produce tournament brochures for World Cup Golf 2006, each brochure contained updated score cards and leader board information. This project ran for 5 days and printcom was required to produce 3000+ brochures each day with less than 12 hours to deliver after receiving the results. printcom delivered each batch, each day on time.